Taurus Man in Love and Relationship

Taurus Man in Love and Relationship
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If they propose you or have made a mind to take the first step then it’s not the decision of the moment but he has done analysis beforehand. If he is a secure person then he will be loyal and your relationship will last long.

Taurus man lacks initiate and when it’s about their special feelings they get a panic attack. Their traditional behavior and their desire collide as their mind and heart speak the opposite. Situations that are beyond control and they are not sure what the other person feels about him lends him an emotional angle.

The Sexuality of a Taurus Man

He isn’t that creative when it’s about sex and he is not typically one too. His traditional views may make you doubt about his personality but trust me he is a surprising man. He loves foreplay, kisses on the forehead, on arms, gentle neck massage and some love bites on ears, is something that excites them. He is best when it comes to sex because he understands the value of emotions during intimacy.

Motivating and initiating will make him feel more for you and you can enjoy the real meaning of sex.

Relationships of a Taurus Man

He is a lazy man it’s not that he does not want to work. But he will be a couch potato and want you to cook for him and bring him everything in his hands. You will feel as if you are feeding your spoiled child and not your partner. However, he loves to roam and take a walk in the park. Being a Venus native he will try his level best when the relationship is fresh. When you start living with him, he will become static.

taurus man in love
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Trusting a Taurus Man

Many times you will notice him sitting in a corner not speaking a word. And if he does so it will be his opinion on the subject without emotions. However, he is emotional but is poor in showing it. He is not able to connect between sexual and emotions, maybe he doesn’t know.

He is a conservative person and won’t share his emotions and the sexual world with you. He may be contrast this is because he lacks clarity. If he gives you his heart it should be respected and treasured. By doing this he can be yours for a lifetime.

Dating and Understanding a Taurus Man

He is a convoluted man with a compelling passion that is adjoined in a masculine world around him. He may feel insufficient on account of his tenderness and continuously makes efforts to dispose of his delicate side despite the fact that it is one of his positive characteristics.

When he is upset, he will conceal his emotions from the entire world and mainly from near and dear ones. He needs a lot of patience and persistence to become an ideal man.

What a Taurus Man Likes

Taurus man is liberal, delicate and devoted; sometimes he can be too hardened and unfaltering. He knows his weakness; he may choose sports or any kind of physical activity with a specific goal to feel more grounded. In the event that he falls into his idle state, there is a possibility that he will get exhausted, to leave his partner.

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