Taurus Woman in Love

A Taurus woman knows how to behave and knows exactly what she wants from her love. She is a sorted woman who can make anyone envy her due to the spontaneous glow, the way she looks at you and almost everything which she has prepared to attract you. She is a keen examiner and be watchful till she is trusted that her partners feeling is genuine towards her. Once you have established trust she will open up all her feelings and emotional thoughts to you, to an extent.

She is a woman who desires for tender, gentle and passionate love as she is fearful of getting hurt. To blossom, she needs your love and care.

The Sexuality of a Taurus Woman

This sign is ruled by planet Venus, the planet of love, sensuality, passion, and feminism. She will care for her more than her partner. She wants a passionate love and kisses in every manner. Orgasm is something that comes last in her intimacy list as she doesn’t care about it much. For her connectivity and self-less love is more important.

She knows how important sex is for strengthening a relationship bond and will perform all her duties towards her partner. If her sexual life isn’t that good she will become numb and distant, although she won’t leave him because of her resistant to changes.

Taurus Women

Relationship with a Taurus Man

She will be everything by this we meant your mother, cook, lover etc. she is the most feminine, tender and lovable soul out of all zodiacs. You won’t resist yourself from loving her. Once you understand her she is like a clear open book. She will restrict her feelings and herself from getting into a relationship until she is stable and totally firm on her decision. This decision solely depends on her feelings and analysis she does before. She is a compassionate friend and a lover and desires excitement in her life. Her Venus is strong and with the element of Earth, she’s more lovable.

Want to Date a Taurus Woman

This is the easiest task for you. It is easy to date her. She wants her to be valued more than choosing a special location or a fine dine restaurant.  Take her out in a restaurant far from the city or a night out and order her favorite delicacies and she will love it. Show her your love, buy flowers and give her a romantic card. She doesn’t need expensive gifts from you else she wants small gestures of love. That is how adorable she is.

What a Taurus Woman Likes?

Taurus lady is strong, down to earth and dependable. When she becomes falls in love she is steadfast and prepares herself to settle down, few children’s and taking care of her family in a way no other sign would. Consequently, she should be cherished and thought about. Then again, she can shut everything down, to achieve, inaccessible and untrue when she is scared of passionate agony. Her weakest point is the blame game that can take away her bright character and make her a profoundly unsatisfied lady.

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