Taurus Zodiac Child Names

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Best of both worlds is arriving soon at you home if your baby is born between April 22nd to May 21st. These babies are easygoing, assertive, single-minded and resolvers.

Your kiddo will be a little stubborn too but they are completely endearing and friendly. You will need a few plans to get the things to continue the way they like.

They will get more obstinate if you are going to oppose their ways and will make up their mind to do whatever they want to. So it’s you who will need a creative and playful mind that will attract you kiddo. A gentle talking, cuddles, love and some kisses with a soft hug will do the job for you.

If you are thinking that your little one is down to earth and that’s descending as a parent, then my dear friend you are wrong. They love to get along with people and do not like to create any scene or break rules just to gain the attention of others. This will always make you proud of them as everyone will praise your parenthood.

They are stable, mature and kind children who know their responsibilities and won’t lack behind in showing up their committed side to the world. Therefore, Taureans prove themselves true being an Earthy element native.

If they let you down anyway, that would be a surprising thing because that’s actually a rare thing that may happen. Don’t conciliate them with hollow sentiments, as this may irritate them more. Taurus responses best to genuine emotions and sentiments that include logic and fondness. If someone greets them with the fake feeling they can sniff same miles away. They are daily routine follower hence for something big prepares them earlier.

They like cleanliness and want their surroundings tidy. Always keep them organized and orderly. They are so sweet and possess all the qualities we want in their kids. So, why not to try for one Taurus baby?

Every parent will envy why they don’t have a Taurus child. They are a perfect blend of creativity, reliability and pleasurable. They have a love for art, music, and culture, as a grownup, they will be romantic and sensuous that make them good friends and partners.

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Hedonism is a tendency inherent in them you need to keep an eye on this. They represent the ages of 7 to 14. They are materialistic and self-indulgent and lack of formative years.

Taurus Girl NamesMeaningTaurus Boy NamesMeaning
AdrianeSymbol bull( As per Greek Mythology)BentleyFrom the moor
DaisyBirth Flower of AprilCamdenFrom the Valley
DemeterMother EarthDariusWealthy
EmeraldTaurus birthstoneEthanFirm, Strong
GaiaEarth goddessFabianBean Grower
LilyMay birth flowerFintanWhite Bull
IsaStrong willedGeorgeFarmer
PetraA small rockKingsleyKings wood
TaraHill- Earth GoddessJosephWill increase (succeed in life)
VioletTaurus FlowerTaurusThe Bull

Famous Taurus Celebrities

Queen Elizabeth II, Lily Allen, Megan Fox, Katherine Hepburn, Penelope Cruz, Gigi Hadid, Mark Zuckerburg, Taio Cruz, Bono, Fred Astaire, Channing Tatum, Stevie Wonder etc.

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