Taurus Zodiac Personality Traits

Taurus is an elegant, clever and reliable sign which can be noted as an anchor of all zodiacs. These persons value relations and are amazing friends, colleagues, partners which makes them honest humans and that is why they hate drama.

These bulls are straightforward and stubborn people but they aren’t wedged in their ways. They look for another point of view but don’t follow others opinion if it’s not right. Their feelings will be changed only if they are truly in love with you.

Being the most focused signs in the zodiac a Bull is never reluctant and won’t lie back if they get a chance to take charge. This earthy sign, this enthusiastic human is of exotic nature and is always in search of joy. They spend hours investing in bed with their sweetheart or going on a long run. Taureans love feeling of intimacy and connectivity with the partner as well as self.

With passionate love, Taureans are about genuineness, which is the reason the first date with a Bull may happen after a few meetups. They just want to be sure that is this relation a perfect match. He is always dressed up and would love compliments.

Taurus doesn’t like lies and when they sense this they get away with the person. In bed, Taurus is joyful and enjoys every move. Taurus may appear to be picky but won’t annoy you. They basically desire the best and want to give same to others.

Taurus native is inner driven,  in some cases they experience problems analyzing authority, particularly if requested to accomplish something they believe is futile or ought to be done any other way.

Always mind that Taureans have inner riches and may disregard somebody who doesn’t have the ideal outfit or lifestyle. They are hasty in nature when it comes to a perfect match; therefore, learning about them may be a challenge for these people, so give them time.

Taurus horoscope prediction

Let’s find out what TAURUS name says

T- Trailblazing

A- Ambitious

U- Unwavering

R- Responsible

U- Understanding

S- Stable

Best Things about being a Taurus

Diligent and dedicated, once a Taurus defines an objective, it will complete in spite of any deterrents that may come up. Being a companion with a Taurus can be intense as they don’t fall back into their relationships. Taurus doesn’t get into any sort of back bitching or arguments. They’ll generally observe the best in their friends and family and when they feel low they call them up.

Quick facts Taurus Characteristics
Ruling PlanetVenus
Represented byThe Bull
Ruling HouseSecond
Spirit ColorPink
Lucky GemEmerald
FlowerRose, Poppy and Foxglove
Compatible withCancer and Virgo
Key TraitsDependable, Musical and Practical
Positive traitsSteady, Driven, Tenacious, Patient, Enduring, Tasteful, Persistent, Soled and Trustworthy
Tarot CardThe Hierophant

Famous Taurus Personalities are

Queen Elizabeth II, Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham, Princess Charlotte, Sachin Tendulkar, William Shakespeare, Lily Allen, Megan Fox, Katherine Hepburn, Penelope Cruz, Gigi Hadid, Mark Zuckerburg, Taio Cruz, Bono, Fred Astaire, Channing Tatum, Stevie Wonder etc.

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